“But, darlings, the show must go on.”


Happy Birthday Jeremy Brett!  Jeremy Brett, aka Peter Jeremy William Huggins, was born today, November 3rd,1933 in Berkswell Grange in Berkswell, Warwickshire, England.  Brett appeared in 41 episodes of the Granada television series of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes between 1984 and 1994. To many he is Sherlock Holmes. In fact one of Brett’s dearest possessions on the set was his 77-page “Baker Street File” on everything from Holmes’ mannerisms to his eating and drinking habits. Brett once explained that “some actors are becomers — they try to become their characters. When it works, the actor is like a sponge, squeezing himself dry to remove his own personality, then absorbing the character’s like a liquid”.  Jeremy Brett allowed Sherlock Holmes to consume him, and he has stood the test of time even to today.  So Happy Birthday Mr. Brett! Have a cream tea wherever you may be.
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