“But, darlings, the show must go on.”

Jeremy’s exuberance while filming ‘The Devil’s Foot’—an exuberance that to some extent was a result of his illness—led him to make additions to the story, some not always in keeping with either Conan Doyle’s Holmes or his previous performances. It was that great enthusiasm and thrill at developing the character that was responsible for us seeing Holmes wearing a bandana around his head, as Brett had worn one in the swinging ‘sixties. He also draped his scarf around his trilby hat in a strange way. Bohemian, maybe; risible, certainly. A still in The Sunday Times which featured Holmes with this scarf/hat concoction was captioned: ‘Sherlock Holmes as a teapot!’
David Stuart Davies, Bending The Willow

i forgot to ever post about it but if anyone still hasnt seen “the very edge” with jeremy brett, i have it uploaded here :)

Dracula (1978-1979)
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